MOMKER 18 color concealer repairing rod Women Highlight Contour Stick Beauty Makeup Face Powder Cream Shimmer Concealer

  • Brand: MOMKER
  • Function: Shade, Highlight, Conceal, Base, etc
  • Occasion: Casual, Party, Dating
  • Can be used on nose, face, eyes, clavicle and legs, making you stand out in a crowd
  • Easy to use and convenient to carry
  • Conceal facial defect, create highlight and shadow

Product Description

MOMKER 18 color concealer repairing rod Women Highlight Contour Stick Beauty Makeup Face Powder Cream Shimmer Concealer: Product Description

Enhances and illuminates the complexionGives a multi-dimensional sculpted look Color:18 Colors availableEasy to blend, buildable colorWater-proof and long-lastingSpecification:Perfect for highly sensitive skin,with more excellent hiding power, silky silky texture,easy on the make-up moment so that no flaws leave traces.Waterproof and anti-perspiration formula make the makeup light, lasting, natural.Riliang moist texture, both to cover the flaws, but also as high light use,remove the skin dull, delicate and delicate to take care of every detail,concealer can effectively cover acne Printed spots and dull locations such as dark circles.Convenient rotary packaging for precise control of dosageSize:6.2*2.5*2.5cmPackage Content:1PC Highlight Powder Stick


If you use foundation, remember to apply the foundation first and then the concealer . This is because the foundation itself already has a uniforming and consequently corrective action. Go in this way to use a smaller amount of corrector and, above all, you can correct the defect in a more targeted way.

The most effective way to apply the concealer to cover dark circles is to draw a triangle with the base just below the eye and the vertex towards the cheek. In this way you not only hide the dark circles, but also go to illuminate the face.

If you do not use the primer for the eyes, before applying the eye shadow on the eyelid, apply a small amount of well-worked concealer so that the eye shadow does not immediately enter the folds of the eye.

When applying the concealer around the eyes , you must use a lot of delicacy . Use the ring finger to tap the concealer on dark circles or on the eyelids (the same applies to the eye contour cream). To cover dark circles that turn towards purple / blue, use a peach-colored concealer; if you have gray dark circles, use a concealer that turns towards orange to cancel the grayness: never use a white-based corrector to avoid getting an even more intense grayness.

After applying the concealer, especially around the eyes, dab the areas with a tissue (or a piece of thin toilet paper) in order to remove the excess product and prevent the fine lines from being emphasized.


Liquid correctors

This texture lends itself very well to cover dark circles, a very delicate area of ​​the face that does not present particular problems of sebum and lucidity. It is instead not recommended to hide pimples, both because, in general, these concealers are less opaque and less resistant, and because they would accentuate the defect, being very moisturizing. They are the most suitable for mature skin because they do not highlight expression lines.

Compact / stick correctors

They are the most opaque and easiest to use even for the less experienced, therefore perfect for covering even the reddest and inflamed pimples. Better to use them on young skin because, given the compact and dry texture, they tend to fit into fine lines, highlighting small wrinkles.

Creamy concealers

Excellent on all skin types, especially on dry skin, they easily cover pimples and discolorations. They generally have a very dense consistency and high coverage and are perfect for small touch-ups during the day.

Correctors in powder

Perhaps the less common type, but perfect for oily and shiny-looking skin, because it absorbs sebum and gives a fantastic matte appearance. They have a more or less high coverage depending on the quantity of product used, but in any case, they are not the best product in case of very evident imperfections.

Concealer: which color to use

What are the colors of concealers, and what are they for?

TEXTURE – The concealer can be in cream, liquid and powder. The cream one is ideal for dry and mature skin, the fluid one is suitable for all skin types and fades easily; the powder one is recommended for those with oily skin.

GREEN CORRECTOR – Contrasts any type of redness, such as annoying red dots, pimples, broken capillaries, or localized redness. A little trick for those suffering from couperose: just add a small amount of green concealer powder to the moisturizer. You will immediately acquire a brighter and more natural complexion.

PURPLE CORRECTOR – More than a corrector of imperfections, the lilac or violet corrector is a corrector of tone. It is used to illuminate a dull complexion, but also to attenuate the yellowish complexion, or the gray one of those who smoke. It also serves to cover the yellow spots and streaks of a non-compact tan.

PINK CORRECTOR – It has the power to illuminate a tired and tired face, or simply serves to contrast the whiteness due to artificial lights.

YELLOW CORRECTOR – It has a natural lightening effect on the skin. It is perfect for camouflaging the dark circles under the shades of darker and olive shades without giving a heavy effect like the beige one would.