[Innisfree] My Hair Make Up Jelly Concealer 9.5g #01 Black

  • Brand: innisfree
  • A jelly texture with a lot of moisture just like a dough.

Product Description

[Innisfree] My Hair Make Up Jelly Concealer 9.5g #01 Black: Product Description

Color:#01 Black [Innisfree] My Hair Make Up Jelly Concealer 9.5g #01 Black

How to use concealer: steps to follow

  1. The product is applied to the eye contour, so first, the makeup base is used – leaving the dark circles area free – and then it will be passed to the concealer.
  2. It would be necessary to be placed in front of a mirror with an intense light that allowed to decipher the areas that are really obscured and cover them. It would be unnecessary to review the entire eye area if there is no trace of dark circles; simply, after pressing the affected area with the finger, the excess would be extended to the touch of the rest of the contour to unify.
  3. However, although we admire your ability to retouch in seconds, it should not be used to cover other facial sections because throughout the day the remedy may prove worse than the disease.

Steps to choose the makeup concealer

  1. A concealer for each part of the face. Depending on the area to hide, there are more or less specific correctors. Dark circles should have a different treatment than those red pimples that may appear at certain times. If we use a correct more or less intense, mixing with makeup will produce opposite effects. It is better to adapt the concealer to the problem to be treated so that it does not affect the makeup.
  2. The corrector’s tone is responsible for differentiating each of the parts of the face to be treated. Beige shades are ideal for dark circles or to give a little more light on certain parts of the face. In contrast, the green concealer is especially suitable for all types of redness or scars, ideal for concealing unexpected granites. Orange tones are those indicated in brown spots or excess freckles. It is important to consider these guidelines to choose the best possible concealer.
  3. The type of concealer will make a difference. There are several textures when it comes to concealers; it can be a stick, ideal for larger parts, creamy, perfect for localized imperfections or liquid, not so effective, ideal for small imperfections. We can also opt for the classic powders or mousse that extend very easily and are relatively light.
  4. The skin tone will be another element to take into account. The natural look is what is sought in all types of makeup; the base of the concealer is essential to keep the skin perfectly balanced. Finding more or less intensity in the concealer is what will end up determining the success of the makeup.

What color of concealer is used to neutralize dark circles, reddish pimples or dark spots around the eyes

  • Green color corrector : it is used to hide redness and any type of imperfection that has this hue. An inflamed granite, a reddened scar or capillaries that redden some area of ​​the skin.
  • Yellow concealer : ideal for neutralizing purple tones on the skin. Therefore, it serves to correct purple dark circles, any bruising or simply old marks that have taken this color.
  • Blue concealer: used to correct yellowish or orange spots on the skin. Therefore it is ideal for people who have spots or coloration of this type around the eyes.
  • Pink or lilac concealer : it allows to hide any imperfection of greenish tone on the skin. Such as marked veins or bruises in the process of healing.
  • Orange concealer: the orange tones of any corrector palette are used to compensate for bluish spots caused by the presence of veins or bruises. They are also used in cases of very marked blue dark circles.
  • Brown concealer: darker concealers are used to give depth to the contour of the face and are combined with natural color correctors and illuminators. If you want to know more about how to use the makeup contour, I advise you to take a look at the theme.
  • Concealer color makeup : natural color correctors (those of a lifetime, to understand us) are used to apply on areas that we have already neutralized with the corresponding color. Thus, if for example we use a yellow concealer over a purple eyelet, we will have to blur it well and, once it settles, we can apply the natural color corrector.