Absolute Click Cover Concealer (LIGHT YELLOW UNDERTONE)

  • Brand: Absolute
  • Correct, conceal & highlight/contour with ABSOLUTE NEW YORK click cover concealers!
  • This opaque skin hugging formula covers imperfections with a light veil applicat

Product Description

Absolute Click Cover Concealer (LIGHT YELLOW UNDERTONE): Product Description

Design:LIGHT YELLOW UNDERTONE Correct, conceal & highlight/contour with ABSOLUTE NEW YORK click cover concealers! This opaque skin hugging formula covers imperfections with a light veil applicat


If you use foundation, remember to apply the foundation first and then the concealer . This is because the foundation itself already has a uniforming and consequently corrective action. Go in this way to use a smaller amount of corrector and, above all, you can correct the defect in a more targeted way.

The most effective way to apply the concealer to cover dark circles is to draw a triangle with the base just below the eye and the vertex towards the cheek. In this way you not only hide the dark circles, but also go to illuminate the face.

If you do not use the primer for the eyes, before applying the eye shadow on the eyelid, apply a small amount of well-worked concealer so that the eye shadow does not immediately enter the folds of the eye.

When applying the concealer around the eyes , you must use a lot of delicacy . Use the ring finger to tap the concealer on dark circles or on the eyelids (the same applies to the eye contour cream). To cover dark circles that turn towards purple / blue, use a peach-colored concealer; if you have gray dark circles, use a concealer that turns towards orange to cancel the grayness: never use a white-based corrector to avoid getting an even more intense grayness.

After applying the concealer, especially around the eyes, dab the areas with a tissue (or a piece of thin toilet paper) in order to remove the excess product and prevent the fine lines from being emphasized.


Choose a concealer that is tailored to the needs of your skin type and skin problem. Follow these guidelines:

  • Are you prone to dry skin? Then you should avoid a liquid concealer with a matt finish, as this could increase the dryness.
  • If you tend to have oily skin with enlarged pores, it is better not to choose a concealer with a creamy texture or in the form of a stick.
  • The texture of such concealers could clog your pores and make your skin look shiny.
  • If you want to cover dark circles and brown or red spots, you should choose a concealer with medium to high coverage.
  • If you are using a concealer in the area under the eyes, you should choose a product that is only 1-2 shades lighter than your actual complexion. Your concealer should ideally be the same color as your foundation.
  • If you tend to have medium to severe skin discoloration, you should use a concealer with more pigments. Combine it with a foundation for a natural look by mixing the concealer with your foundation, making it less visible.
  • Experiment with colors, textures, finishes, and techniques to find out which concealer suits you best.

Concealer: color palette for beauty

  • Beige or skin color: Beige Concealer places particular focus on dark circles, age and pigment spot one.
  • Yellowish concealer: If you want to conceal blue veins on the eye, you should opt for a concealer with yellowish beige because yellow, as a complementary color to blue, swallows the bluish shimmer.
  • Green concealer: This is particularly suitable for covering red spots, broken veins or pimples. The green removes the intensity from the red skin and makes blemishes paler.
  • Bluish or purple concealer: If your complexion is a little too rosy by default, you can use a bluish concealer. If the skin is pale, purple color is recommended, which makes the complexion look more alive.