1pc BeautyTreats 10 Colors Concealer Palette #357

  • Brand: Treat Beauty
  • 10 Color Concealer Palette

Product Description

1pc BeautyTreats 10 Colors Concealer Palette #357: Product Description

Concealer Palette

How to use concealer: steps to follow

  1. The product is applied to the eye contour, so first, the makeup base is used – leaving the dark circles area free – and then it will be passed to the concealer.
  2. It would be necessary to be placed in front of a mirror with an intense light that allowed to decipher the areas that are really obscured and cover them. It would be unnecessary to review the entire eye area if there is no trace of dark circles; simply, after pressing the affected area with the finger, the excess would be extended to the touch of the rest of the contour to unify.
  3. However, although we admire your ability to retouch in seconds, it should not be used to cover other facial sections because throughout the day the remedy may prove worse than the disease.


Liquid correctors

This texture lends itself very well to cover dark circles, a very delicate area of ​​the face that does not present particular problems of sebum and lucidity. It is instead not recommended to hide pimples, both because, in general, these concealers are less opaque and less resistant, and because they would accentuate the defect, being very moisturizing. They are the most suitable for mature skin because they do not highlight expression lines.

Compact / stick correctors

They are the most opaque and easiest to use even for the less experienced, therefore perfect for covering even the reddest and inflamed pimples. Better to use them on young skin because, given the compact and dry texture, they tend to fit into fine lines, highlighting small wrinkles.

Creamy concealers

Excellent on all skin types, especially on dry skin, they easily cover pimples and discolorations. They generally have a very dense consistency and high coverage and are perfect for small touch-ups during the day.

Correctors in powder

Perhaps the less common type, but perfect for oily and shiny-looking skin, because it absorbs sebum and gives a fantastic matte appearance. They have a more or less high coverage depending on the quantity of product used, but in any case, they are not the best product in case of very evident imperfections.

Concealer: color palette for beauty

  • Beige or skin color: Beige Concealer places particular focus on dark circles, age and pigment spot one.
  • Yellowish concealer: If you want to conceal blue veins on the eye, you should opt for a concealer with yellowish beige because yellow, as a complementary color to blue, swallows the bluish shimmer.
  • Green concealer: This is particularly suitable for covering red spots, broken veins or pimples. The green removes the intensity from the red skin and makes blemishes paler.
  • Bluish or purple concealer: If your complexion is a little too rosy by default, you can use a bluish concealer. If the skin is pale, purple color is recommended, which makes the complexion look more alive.